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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

But it's Selfish Sewing Week, isn't it?

It might be Selfish Sewing Week in the rest of the blogosphere, but here at Vera and Bess it most definitely isn't.
Soon, my pretties, soon.

Before I can start on that lovely stack of laundered fabrics, all ready to be pressed and cut and pinned and stitched, there's this:

We come to save Oh Boy from
his boring old window treatment
with our Super Curtain powers
At least I finished the invitation for Little Miss Pink's birthday party, the front pretty bit, anyway.  Don't worry, I will add the time, date and place on the back of each invitation when Mr V&B copies and prints them for me on his spangly printer.

The girliest invitation ever.
This was more fun than the
curtains will be.
I think I've earned a little selfish sewing time at the weekend.  Unless I stay up and sew until midnight.  Which I might.  But only if I can make something gorgeous.

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  1. No selfish sewing here either Vicky. I've been sewing up a storm for other people for what seems like forever. I have a stack of summer linens and cottons calling me, meanwhile the weather is turning cool and I'm anxious to get those made up... in time for next summer!