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Sunday, 29 March 2015

A stitch off the old seam

Some days my children severely test my faith in my parenting skills.

And then there are days when I really do think I'm getting it right.

Like the day Sewster came home from seeing her friends, told me how she liked a top one of the girls was wearing and asked if we could make one. Yes, make one.  How wonderful is that, that her first thought was to make one, not buy one?  

We yoked the strength of eBay (because we live out in the sticks where it's hard to find good fabric unless we first journey by car or train for 45 minutes).  We looked on Pinterest until she pointed at a picture and said "that one".  We laundered the fabric and took measurements and then proceeded, without a pattern, to make a beautiful kimono style top and a sash belt to cinch it in at the waist.  I did the tricky application of binding around the neck, but Sewster sewed all the seams and the hem.

Busy sewing.  She was shy about
posing in the top, so it's an action
shot instead.

Then she said that what made it really cool was that no one else would have one like it.

And then she wore it to a birthday party.

Yes, I'm definitely getting at least this bit of parenting right.

The cherry on top: she just asked me if we could make something similar with shorts to match for her to wear as pajamas.

This beautiful daughter of mine, who thinks of making her clothes, not buying them, is absolutely my inspiration and a reminder to look for the possibilities not the obstacles.

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